Your hand reaches up, grasps, and I feel the pull and squeeze upon its freckled nape. You pull me close, the heat of your breath on that spot where throat meets chest.

Your soft arms against me, pulling down powerfully until I’m where you want me. The tickle of a tongue that runs the line of my jaw before you move in. You bear your teeth and my flesh is soft in their grip. Your hold is so fierce I feel your hands scrape up the side of my head now, pushing my hair up and pulling it down, using handfuls as handles to gain purchase. Your nose pressed firm into the folds of its nakedness.

This is where the sun always strikes. Where I burn too easily. Your tongue lolling around the prickled hairline, I hear your whisper, hot in my ear: “Make my cunt run like sweat, boy”.

And I’m back there, where it began. Where the music was too loud, the drinks were too much and the walls were dripping. Where the heat soaked you through and I clung to your body like wet clothes. Your teeth sunk into my skin, and then nothing could ever be the same. Once you tasted my need and I tasted the pain, we were bound to each other.

I tasted you, too. In the park, going home, when we couldn’t wait. Consumed by the darkness as we swallowed each other. Me gorging on you like ripe fruit, stinging my chin, and your hands locked firm round my hungry maw, tightening with each mouthful, the closer you came to coming.

The drips start to bead above my eyeline. Your nose nudges my head up and you’re upon me again licking languidly with longing, thumbs pushed into the tip of my chin. Your cheek brushes the hard lump of my Adam’s Apple, standing proud like a priapic response to you gorging on my gullet.

Your hands wrap slowly around. As they clasp, the pressure of each digit makes me want to crumble and clutch at you as your fingertips grapple, and your nails grip.

And, in a stroke, the familiar feeling of leather is around me, the seal of my submission. You tighten the buckle and loop your leash through the D-link. The lead tightens and jerks, and you lead me to our space. Bound to each other still.


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