Daily Ritual – Sinful Sunday 352

For this month’s theme of Daily Ritual, I wanted to share a recent one. Violet (who tweets as @fireandhoney) and I entered 2018 as a new D/s, and I’m enjoying the blissful beginnings of the heart-racing, obsessive, hang-on-her-every-word drug of our relationship. And we’re not going to let an 8-hour time difference spoil the party.

Late night chats, pics, and sharing over the internet is our new daily ritual. While she sleeps, I try to create things to give her pleasure when she wakes, when I’ll be looking forward to our time-travelling conversations. We were drawn together by a common love of the rituals of D/s, and incorporating them into our daily lives gives us both uncommon joy.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 00.43.37

Rituals make the sub, and this sub is happy in his devotion. See who else has been creating bits of joy from their daily rituals, by clicking on the kisser below.

Sinful Sunday



21 thoughts on “Daily Ritual – Sinful Sunday 352

  1. I’m also in a LDR and think that having daily or weekly rituals with a partner is SO important! I think it’s beautiful that you use the time difference to your advantage to find ways to make each other happy.

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    1. Thank you so much, Jo, for reading and commenting. Yes, rituals help mark time and keep us all on track. Have to use what you’ve got to your advantage.

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  2. Oh, i am so happy for u – I think Violet is great! – cool shot and really like this line you wrote – “Rituals make the sub, and this sub is happy in his devotion.”

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  3. This is a very clever shot. I love how the light from the screen is illuminating your chest and we only work out what is going on when we see the apple logo


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  4. How lovely to start the new year with new rituals that you can share with each other, even long-distance. Maybe especially long-distance. My partner and I only live 40 miles from each other, but the fact that our time together is boxed into a very small timeframe means that we spend most of our time apart, and it is the rituals of D/s that help us keep connected.

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    1. Thank you, Jade. It’s amazing to connect with someone to whom the rituals and protocols matter in the same way.


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