Backside to the future 

As with many CIS straight men, the pleasure of penetrating my own bottom has come to me reasonably late in life. And so far it has been a solo performance as I have discovered the joys of the prostate orgasm. So when I think of how this might be done as a duet, I’ve had some fairly fixed fantasy ideas. Such as the one in the .gif below.

I think part of the point of this image was meant to be the drippy vagina, the long thread of mucus dangling as she pumps. But, to be completely honest, I didn’t even notice it was two girls when I first saw it, as I was so taken with the movement – the bouncy joy and the forcing of the receiver’s face into the floor.

I reblogged it on tumblr because it represents my usual feelings about pegging. When I eventually get to receive it, that is how I have always imagined it. Being ridden down into the floor, the sense of being filled combined with being face down eating the carpet. All the submissive vibes and sexual pleasure in one. Take that, dirty slut.

Don’t get me wrong, it is still very hot, but I now have a new focus for my fantasy. It is no longer an anonymous pegger fucking me. And that changes things, because it is no longer an abstract fantasy, but something to be realistically considered. And anal sex is a bit more complicated.

For instance, I think it unlikely I will get to a level of bouncy joyfulness like that shown until there has been some practice. Given my circumstances, I am not sure if that will happen very quickly. But it has also gone from being an abstract dangerous, delicious taboo to an expression of love.

I don’t want to be pegged like a dirty slut so much as fucked as an expression of Dommely love. So my fantasy is changing now. We are lying side by side after a long time kissing, touching and reassuring. My ass has been well lubed and fingers have been used to open me up, with kisses of reassurance and holding.

She is wearing the harness with the dildo we have chosen as right for the first time. I have shown my worship and submission by going down on her, fellating her harnessed peg, She has forced my head down onto it until I gag. It is slobbery and wet, and we lube it together.

I raise one leg and she pushes inside me, easing my fears and opening me with her words and gentle kisses on my shoulders. We make love like this, half spooning, with a half hitched leg letting her in. Once inside me, she just holds the position. Letting me get used to the feeling of being filled. Slowly she withdraws half way, and pushes back in; I am nervous but she strokes me, assures me with her love. She thrusts again. Better. Easier. By the fifth time I am pushing back to get her deeper.

And now she has taken me to the subspace. I am channelling the pain into joy, and the feeling of being filled and fucked by Miss. She is whispering the words that make me feel alive, the words that assure me I am Hers. She is Big Spoon curling around and inside me and now she reaches around and takes my cock, which is growing firm under her assurance and her still-lubed fingers work me harder, feeling the effect as I rise and clench around her proxy cock.

She is thrusting quite confidently now, and I am taking it with short jolts and grunts of joy as her hand works me nearer the edge. With something inside me, my tumescence is lessened so she is now stroking me faster, taking a run up towards the cliff edge. Her lips at my ears, her hot, fast breath whispers me to the edge, holding back at the last minute. On the third time her voice is insistent, her command unmistakable: “come for me, Darling”

And I am over, now free-falling, the spiralling spume now spilling over her knuckles and fist as she holds tighter, levering off my pouring cock to push harder inside me, deeper, utterly filling me at the back as she empties me at the front. I cry out in relief and pain, joy and hurt, and wonder and love.

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17 thoughts on “Backside to the future 

  1. Certainly I’m biased but I love this; I love how the articulation of the fantasy changes with the context. No harm also that the scene you’ve depicted is beyond sexy and lush! Well done, Darling.

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  2. I have definitely had fantasies like this in the past that have been one thing, but then changed or adapted as I have found someone to share them with


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  3. This is NOT advice (unsolicited advice is particularly irritating, isn’t it?); I’m just sharing…

    I’ve found that in fantasy there tends to be much thrusting on the part of the penetrator. In my experience, that doesn’t work too well in real life. Not with newbies.

    Instead, it has always worked best for me when the one on the receiving end of penetration controls the movement. Guiding gently, with hands on hips: yes. Thrusting/fucking: no.

    There are two sphincter muscles to push past, and ramming/thrusting past that resistance is not only potentially painful, it’s dangerous (think: bruising, bleeding, tearing).

    Again, not advice. Just… Since you’re in the process of tweaking your fantasy to make it a reality with a specific partner, I thought I’d share. It’s something to think about. (Or not. As you please.) 🙂

    Best of luck in your anal sexplorations.

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    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write this. I really appreciate your wisdom on this – yes it is fantasy but I hope a great deal realer soon. Xx


  4. That revised scenario is super super hot and so sweet. Both the first and the second appeal in different ways to me (though being used as the first denotes gets me quite hot. Meow). I hope your experience is everything you fantasize it to be.

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  5. a) Great post title, b) I love the phrase “proxy cock,” and c) this is so sweet – it’s refreshing to see anal sex written about as an act of love / giving pleasure rather than something dirty or naughty / taking pleasure.

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    1. Thanks, Jo! It’s stopped being a depersonalised fantasy act to being a shared fantasy, which completely changes everything.

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  6. I love how your fantasy evolved. I find it rare a fantasy plays out exactly as you imagine in reality.

    I too became transfixed on that gif…that’s just what I want…mmm!

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    1. Thank you – yes, let’s see how it turns out in the end. Who knows, maybe the fantasy will evolve some more…


  7. Great web site. A lot of helpful information here. I’m sending it to a few friends ans also sharing in delicious. And naturally, thanks on your sweat!

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