Sinful Sunday 353: Knickers with a twist

One of the delights of a new D/s is the decision-making about new tasks and rituals. With Violet (@Fireandhoney) this week, I went shopping for panties for use in tasks, using the wonders of the realtime internet to ensure I bought the good stuff, with Violet in my phone to sign off on purchases.

She was worried I’d be put on some sort of Register for touring the women’s undies section of M&S with a phone, taking pics. This is part of the challenge of the dual life of undercover kink – you always think everyone can see your inner thoughts, and you are waiting to be exposed. I was quite happy that a middle-aged man obviously using his phone to discuss the purchase of knickers with a third party was exactly the sort of behaviour you would expect to see. A put-upon working husband checking the purchases he was bravely making under direct instructions from Her Indoors.

In the end, decisions were made, including the bonus of a third pair in the 3 for 2 sale. And I engage in the usual ironic pantomime at the cash register.

“They don’t quite look your size, sir. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

If only you knew, my man. If only you knew…


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Sinful Sunday

38 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 353: Knickers with a twist

  1. So perfect. Thank you for immortalizing such a fun experience! I’m glad you weren’t shoulder tapped by security for seeming like some sort of pervert ogling panties.

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    1. Thank you. It’s funny, whenever I were knickers, I instinctively throw a hip own in a sassy fashion!


    1. Lol. Yeah, that is one thing that averts suspicion – I don’t need to ask one of the assistants to measure me…


  2. A guy in panties is a big kink of mine – these are definitely your size! I love the story that goes along with your photo, and hope to see more images of you looking so sexy in knickers in the future. x

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  3. Lookin’ good. (And I say that as a straight man!)
    You should get your D to check out
    I don’t get the whole man-bra thing, and some of their panties are too much about feminisation for my taste, but if you are required to wear more lace, something that’s cut for cock not cunny is a good choice.

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