A wish away

It seems hard to believe that everything in the universe – earth, moon and stars, Dinosaurs, electromagnetism and Celebrity Big Brother – all once fitted into a space the size of a sugarcube.

Space and time, the celestial Siamese Twins, two sides of the same coin: you wake, I sleep, I wake, you sleep. When distances, and the time it takes to get there, both exploded out of God’s own crucible it was a cruel process he set in place.

The selfishness of wanting, and not wanting to disappoint, leads us both to stay awake and fray at the edges.

We can both see the same traces of that seven-second binge of creation, written across the same night’s sky as if to make us feel even smaller. Are we small or just far away?

They say it’s a small world. How I wish it were.


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