Sinful Sunday 356: E is for Eros

Cupid, draw back your bow

And let your arrow flow

Straight to my lover’s heart, for me…

Theme week it is the letter ‘e’. E is for exciting, erotic enterprises. And Eros, the original cupid, and the original god of love. Literally the source of all erotica.

The word was suggested to me by @FireAndHoney  as part of a challenge to each other. You might say she sent me all a quiver…


See who else has been struck by inspiration this week by clicking on the Cupid’s bow below.

Sinful Sunday

19 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 356: E is for Eros

  1. This is just sums up your instant and ever growing connection with V, she has bought out the best in you in such a way that just works for both of you..

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  2. I think you draw that on, which to me makes it even sexier. Writing on skin is very sexy in my opinion. Also I find the crop on this shot really enticing. There is something about being a glimpse that I find very hot


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