Sinful Sunday 358 – a splash of white

This week I’ve been painting the living room, but it does tend to cover your clothes, unless you take precautions…


See who else has been splashing stuff on the surfaces by clicking on the link below.

Sinful Sunday




50 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 358 – a splash of white

    1. Thanks, Ma’am. The set up seemed too good to resist a naked pic, even if there were no curtains and it was dark outside… 😮


    1. Heh heh – very reasonable rates. A sliding scale, depending on the amount of clothing required 🙂


    1. Thank you! That’s a reflection of the fact I was moving fast because the curtains were down too!…


    1. Thanks, Jadis x Shame the paint wasn’t more of a contrast to get a really sharp handprint, but I am glad you noticed (I was worried no one would, initially).


    1. Thanks, Ma’am. It was a reflection of the speed needed to take the pic (just two takes) because I had taken down the curtains… :-O


    1. Thanks! I was mainly pleased with the shot because, with the curtains down, I had to be quick!


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