Sinful Sunday 359: Grounded

Real life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. Sometimes it’s what happens when you’re not. 

But on those days when circumstances mean you can’t speak, or reach out, you need a way of tethering yourself. A ritual that keeps your heart safe, to concentrate on, that feels as round and comfortable as a pebble in your hand. 

You need to feel grounded. 

Find put who else has been getting horizontal this week by clicking on the kisser below:

Sinful Sunday

20 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 359: Grounded

  1. I love this photo, but I love the sentiment even more – it’s so important to have rituals that allow us to take a step back, breathe, and focus inward. Your pose is brilliant way of showing this!

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  2. I love this picture because it is beautiful but also because I know what this pose does for you, for both of us. It brings me peace to know that even a continent and ocean away you can self soothe this way. Thank you for knowing and sharing what you need to close the gap; I’m so proud of your initiative. xoxox

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