Sinful Sunday 361: Feeling my collar

The highlight of this week was, no doubt, the arrival of my collar. Bought after a lot of discussion with @Fireandhoney, it is absolutely perfect. I’ve been wearing it off and on all week, savouring its calming effect on me and the multiplicity of meanings it has for me when I wear it. 

This week’s main pic also shows the ‘hierarchy of control’ I like to use with Miss. The collar for ownership, the clamps for enjoying pain at her favour and the cage for control. Top to bottom, I feel fully dressed like this. 

Find out who else has been getting more than their collar felt by clicking on the lips below. 

Sinful Sunday

37 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 361: Feeling my collar

  1. *Really* nice use of focus in this shot, and the clamps and cage make excellent accessories (I wouldn’t call the collar an accessory as it contains too much meaning… but maybe the other items do as well?!).

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    1. Thanks, Indie. Funny, it was actually an out-take after having tried unsuccessfully to strike a natural looking pose. The hands made it for me, conveying the ease which I feel with it on.

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    1. Thanks, May – it was actually an out-take when the camera went off unexpectedly, but I liked the pose the best. Pushing the hip out!


    1. Thanks – yes, I am really seeing the application of different tools to use in different ways to regulate my submission. It’s great.


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