Sinful Sunday 375: exposure

This week I’ve mostly spent under the radar: an upcoming exam combined with crazy work schedule means it’s all about keeping going. Ten more days, nine, eight… work, study, sleep. I haven’t even been on twitter much, to respond to the ridiculously nice comments left by a heap of people about my shortlisted photo from last week’s Sinful Sunday. 

It all adds up to not feeling like my full sexy self, bright and confident. Instead fading into the background a little. 

I’ll be bouncing back soon, and I can’t wait until things get back to normal. When I’ll feel like turning the lights up again.

To find out who’s been exposing themselves this week, click on the lips below. 

Sinful Sunday

17 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday 375: exposure

      1. I think that is often how it works. I feel there are so many contrasts in this sort of relationship but that they combine to form something which is deeper than it would have been 😊

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