Sinful Sunday 358 – a splash of white

This week I’ve been painting the living room, but it does tend to cover your clothes, unless you take precautions…


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Sinful Sunday




Sinful Sunday 356: E is for Eros

Cupid, draw back your bow

And let your arrow flow

Straight to my lover’s heart, for me…

Theme week it is the letter ‘e’. E is for exciting, erotic enterprises. And Eros, the original cupid, and the original god of love. Literally the source of all erotica.

The word was suggested to me by @FireAndHoney  as part of a challenge to each other. You might say she sent me all a quiver…


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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 355: Lock around the cock

One, two, three o’clock, four o’clock: lock

Five, six, seven o’clock, eight o’clock: lock

Nine, ten, eleven o’clock, twelve o’clock: lock

Short term chastity can mean putting in the time when you’re eight hours apart. But this  week my Domme and key holder @fireandhoney finally received the key for my new cage, after a journey a third of the way around the world.

It’s good to know I’m in safe hands.

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 354: I’m your man

If you want a lover

I’ll do anything you ask me to

And if you want another kind of love

I’ll wear a mask for you

If you want a partner, take my hand, or

If you want to strike me down in anger

Here I stand

I’m your man


I’d crawl to you baby and I’d fall at your feet

And I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat

And I’d claw at your heart, and I’d tear at your sheet

I’d say please (please)

I’m your man

Leonard Cohen


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Sinful Sunday
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Sinful Sunday 353: Knickers with a twist

One of the delights of a new D/s is the decision-making about new tasks and rituals. With Violet (@Fireandhoney) this week, I went shopping for panties for use in tasks, using the wonders of the realtime internet to ensure I bought the good stuff, with Violet in my phone to sign off on purchases.

She was worried I’d be put on some sort of Register for touring the women’s undies section of M&S with a phone, taking pics. This is part of the challenge of the dual life of undercover kink – you always think everyone can see your inner thoughts, and you are waiting to be exposed. I was quite happy that a middle-aged man obviously using his phone to discuss the purchase of knickers with a third party was exactly the sort of behaviour you would expect to see. A put-upon working husband checking the purchases he was bravely making under direct instructions from Her Indoors.

In the end, decisions were made, including the bonus of a third pair in the 3 for 2 sale. And I engage in the usual ironic pantomime at the cash register.

“They don’t quite look your size, sir. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

If only you knew, my man. If only you knew…


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Sinful Sunday

Daily Ritual – Sinful Sunday 352

For this month’s theme of Daily Ritual, I wanted to share a recent one. Violet (who tweets as @fireandhoney) and I entered 2018 as a new D/s, and I’m enjoying the blissful beginnings of the heart-racing, obsessive, hang-on-her-every-word drug of our relationship. And we’re not going to let an 8-hour time difference spoil the party.

Late night chats, pics, and sharing over the internet is our new daily ritual. While she sleeps, I try to create things to give her pleasure when she wakes, when I’ll be looking forward to our time-travelling conversations. We were drawn together by a common love of the rituals of D/s, and incorporating them into our daily lives gives us both uncommon joy.

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 00.43.37

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Sinful Sunday