Sinful Sunday 382: Nothing to declare

By the time you read this, I’ll be on my holiday. A week in France to recharge my batteries, including a digital detox. I’ll miss you all, and especially my Miss @fireandhoney, but I’ll return with a different sort of tanned bum to the one I usually hope for. 

I know this is theme week – and the camera you can see is the only one I own. Click on the lips below to see who else is looking for a bit of exposure. 

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 380: the heat of the night.

The heat of this summer has been unbearable at times, inescapable, overwhelming, at once suppressing the desire to do anything and driving the desire to just be. Just feel. Just give in to the prickly awareness of sticking skin and flushed flesh.

I’ve blogged a couple of flash pieces about the super sensitive heat-driven desire I feel for Violet. This picture captures it perfectly, how it feels on those hot nights. But what was shared between us is now shared with you because She wants me to not hold back. And I don’t want to hide behind humour or strategically placed furniture every time. Sometimes it’s right to just to let the image speak for itself.

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Sinful Sunday


Sinful Sunday 375: exposure

This week I’ve mostly spent under the radar: an upcoming exam combined with crazy work schedule means it’s all about keeping going. Ten more days, nine, eight… work, study, sleep. I haven’t even been on twitter much, to respond to the ridiculously nice comments left by a heap of people about my shortlisted photo from last week’s Sinful Sunday. 

It all adds up to not feeling like my full sexy self, bright and confident. Instead fading into the background a little. 

I’ll be bouncing back soon, and I can’t wait until things get back to normal. When I’ll feel like turning the lights up again.

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 374: a nice cuppa

I like to use Sinful Sunday to explore some of the rituals of my and @fireandhoney’s D/s. Bound as it is by distance, rituals and their observance assume greater import. 

Personal grooming to her satisfaction is one of these, keeping everything tidy down there – not least, to ease the loving lock-ups of panty and cage wearing. As it pleases Miss. 

So this week is a shot I’ll send to bear witness to honouring my submission. Shaved, moisturised, primed for her pleasure. 

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 370: lightbulb moment

I’m a rank amateur in photography. Strictly a mobile phone person, no tripod. Hell, I don’t even own a selfie stick. So for me, half the challenge of Sinful Sunday is finding new ways of balancing the phone and getting the shot.

This week I had the genius idea of using my light shade as a tripod to get a never-before-seen birds-eye view. The bonus touch I hadn’t anticipated was the lightbulb acting to preserve my anonymity. Sometimes these things come together nicely.

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Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday 369: suntrap

This month’s Prompt Week was determined by chance, the spin of two wheels. In this photographic Russian Roulette I got “overexposed” and “outdoor”. 

My circumstances mean outdoor was really not going to happen, so I had to think how to bring the outdoors in. And so recently, on the first bright morning of the year (or so it seemed), I remembered the suntrap in my bedroom. And I let the sunshine in.

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Sinful Sunday